What We Do

We recognize that every one of our clients is a superstar and our job is to make sure everyone else sees them as such. 

Our approach to public relations is unique to the wedding industry, having stemmed from the steady increase in educators coming to the forefront and the wealth of products and services geared towards event professionals.

You, a successful professional, have everything it takes to be seen as an industry leader. You have the know-how, experience, and insight that can guide and educate others within the industry; you just need to reach them.

That’s where we come in. We help you to create (or rework) a platform to ensure that it is competitive in this increasingly saturated market, while working closely to optimize for whatever conversion you desire — whether you want to increase client bookings, sell more products, or increase app downloads. 

Our first step with any client is to get to know one another and plan out a strategy. It’s like dating — we need to know who you are, where you stand in the industry, as well as your strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication and outreach. If you have experience with podcasts, article writing, speaking, and so on, we can use that to develop a custom plan for you and begin execution.

A few perks of being an OFD client:

  • You will receive insider’s insight on all major national conferences;
  • We can connect you with local associations and wedding groups for regional speaking engagements;
  • We write and manage all speaker submissions, with a success rate of approximately 75% pickups at some of the top major national conferences in the industry;
  • You will have the opportunity to be regularly included in B2B press, both online and in print;
  • We will pitch you to agreed-upon podcasts and, if picked up, handle preparation and promotion of the show;
  • And so much more — just ask us!

We also proudly serve small businesses interested in B2C opportunities and real wedding submissions. In fact, we’ve created a whole community for you. Gear up for your PR aspirations and become a member of the OFD Collective today.