Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

While we are happy to offer a list of references to all prospective clients, we thought we’d share insight from clients, education chairs and members of the media, all of which have worked with us time and time again.

Being a speaker in a competitive field can be overwhelming, and I was often at a loss on where to even begin. However, since becoming a member, my press has grown! In just one year, I’ve accumulated 15 press quotes, secured two podcast appearances, and even booked two speaking gigs—all thanks to the guidance and resources provided by OFD Collective. I also feel more confident and now approach speaking opportunities prepared, thanks to their worksheets, webinars, and office hours.

Adrienna McDermott

As a new, niche business for the wedding industry, we wanted to not only gain some name brand press for exposure to couples, we also wanted to build our brand with other professionals and get feedback on various marketing opportunities. We couldn’t be happier with our results. Within two months, we had important features that helped drive social media interaction and new business. OFD Collective has fostered new connections and relationships with key industry players, and helped us keep a steady drumbeat of coverage. Their work far exceeded my expectations, especially given the low cost of membership.

Brian Franklin
Vows & Speeches

As a journalist of 10+ years, I highly recommend working with Meghan and her team of professionals. One of my biggest frustrations is being able to find a qualified expert for my stories in a timely manner and Meghan makes that as seamless a process as possible. She is quick to respond, precise with taking direction and always delivers clear-cut answers in a formatted fashion that are so easy for me to weave in and out of my content. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a high-caliber professional and recommend her to any and all!

Jenn Sinrich

Meghan Ely is a true gift to the wedding industry. As an amazing speaker by herself or as the moderator of a panel, she knows how to engage a room as well as keep a panel on track. Meghan does her homework and keeps up to date and relevant on current topics and trends while pulling from her years of personal experience to personalize every speaking event that she is present at.

Mark Addington

Meghan Ely is an absolute vault full of gold coins when it comes to knowledge about speaking in the events industry.  The Wedding Industry Speakers course is a must for anyone who wants to step into education and brand themselves as an industry speaker.  Meghan teaches what to do (and what not to do) to create the best impression with top event organizers, to land the opportunities you really want.

Sara Dunn
Sara Does SEO

I really appreciate the personal touches. OFD is great about recommending the types of publications that are best suited for my weddings and my company. They don’t waste time submitting to blogs they think aren’t a good fit, and are always open to my ideas and goal publications. They present me with their opinions, but at the end of the day it’s my call, and I really appreciate that. What surprised me the most was how receptive and responsive they are at OFD. They are great about getting back to my direct emails in a timely manner. I’m consistently blown away by the quality of the submissions themselves that I get to review before they are submitted to publications. It makes me more confident about my work to see how it’s presented by OFD.

Amy Sims
Amy Sims Photography

Before joining OFD, I had been deep diving into my website’s SEO performance and knew that I was lacking in being quoted/my work being shown on well known/higher SEO authority websites. Before joining OFD, I had never tried getting my work published. Since joining OFD I have already had a wedding accepted for online publication and been quoted various times in wedding related PR articles. Those wins from OFD paired with all of my SEO work in Q1 has helped me rank on page 1 already for a few keywords that are getting me quite a few more leads monthly. This all happened within a few months’ time.

Jenna Brisson
Jenna Brisson Photography

As a freelance writer who works for a variety of wedding sites and publications, I often rely on Meghan to put me in touch with talented and knowledgeable sources for my stories. She and her staff never let me down—even when I’m on a tight deadline. They have a knack for finding the perfect wedding or event professional for my story needs, making my job so much easier. I have been working with OFD Consulting since 2014 and it is always an absolute pleasure.

Linda DiProperzio

The Wedding Industry Speakers Course was a great foundation for beginning my journey as a speaker! This dynamic course came with thought-provoking homework, presented applicable suggestions for speaking topics, and gave a real understanding of the elements of a strong speaking presentation. I am enjoying continuing to put these lessons to use as I get stronger in the speaking arena!

Renee Pool
House of Hough