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We recognize that you may want the ease and flexibility of courses. It’s here, that you’ll have the opportunity for on-demand learning, with the option for live lessons paired with office hours. 

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Sign up now.  Even if you’re on the fence about becoming a speaker.  Actually – that’s why you should sign up.  The Wedding Industry Speaker course was more than I expected.  Meghan gave rock solid advice and tips and explained everything that I thought I knew but learned I really didn’t.  She was incredibly open about her own experiences which has proven to be more helpful to me than I thought they could be.  I was alerted to situations that I might be up against in the future and having that knowledge in advance helped me navigate the waters in my most reason season of talks. This course was also incredibly insightful about the business of public speaking which is exactly what I needed.  I came in with quite a bit of practice on stages under my belt and I still learned a ton from the course.  Let’s put it this way; if ever there was a wedding industry speakers AP class, I would be the 1st one to sign up.

Kelly A McWilliams
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