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Yes. We are firmly entrenched in our niche. We recognize that there are only 24 hours in a day, and that the ever-changing wedding industry requires all of our time and our full attention. The ongoing process of making editorial contacts and keeping up with wedding trends is practically a full-time job itself.

The majority of our press portfolio is online, however we have had success with print and podcasts as well. Do you aspire to broaden your marketing to television? While it is not our specialty, we are happy to recommend alternative public relations agencies to assist. We encourage you to visit our press portfolio to get to know our work better.

Over the last 15 years, we have had the pleasure of working with wedding professionals in nearly every category. With our submission services in particular, we find that photographers, planners, venues, designers, and florists most benefit from these types of features.

Currently, our services are focused on our membership offering, OFD Collective, coaching, and our courses.

Our focus is primarily on wedding submissions and expert quote interviews, and with 5,000+ features in the last 15 years, we have had the pleasure of working with nearly every wedding media publication out there. When looking for the right wedding publicist for your brand, we always suggest reviewing their most recent press portfolio to make sure their current outcomes are in alignment with your goals.

Many larger brands target a number of different industries, so we’ve found ourselves happily representing companies that may also have another PR agency in place for other areas of their company. Typically in this instance, we would want to connect with the other publicist to run through our respective areas to ensure there is no crossover.

In short, no, and would encourage you to be cautious about any one promising that. The fact is, there are many variables that have to fall into place in order for something to be published- whether it’s an article, podcast interview or real wedding feature. Unless the PR practitioner is also the publisher/editor of the media outlet being targeted, they do not have 100% control and should not guarantee coverage.

Please note that as a policy, we will not submit plantation weddings or celebrations at Trump properties. Additionally, we only work with wedding professionals- we cannot be hired directly by couples.

Our current clients are primarily based in North and Central America as well as Western Europe but we’re available globally. While we’re based in Virginia, the majority of our clients are outside of our state.

In college, Meghan decided she wanted to be a wedding planner and was going to name her company One Fine Day. Several years out of school, she was happily planning weddings at reception venues, but realized that she wanted to combine her love of weddings with her PR/marketing background. She shortened her company name to OFD as a “wink and a nod” to her prior aspirations.