Company + Client Successes

Results are tricky. Each client comes to us with their own personal and professional goals, seeking different outcomes from enhanced public relations. There is no one definition of “success.” For this reason, our onboarding process always starts with a frank discussion about what is considered a victory so we can tailor our approach to each client’s big-picture goals.

For some, these goals are general aspirations like a boost in brand awareness or more press. Others are seeking more coaching clients, increased revenue to a B2B course, or a speaking engagement at the conference of their dreams. Regardless of the end goal, we are strong proponents of quantitative results, so we encourage the use of metrics for evaluation purposes.

With this in mind, the results presented below are representative of a number of outcomes, including press features, testimonials from clients and media contacts, and awards the OFD team has earned on behalf of our public relations efforts.