Private Wedding PR Coaching

For those eager for individualized PR consulting, we offer customized publicity coaching tailored to each brand’s needs. This service is available quarterly, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Before our 90-minute session starts, you’ll get an onboarding form to easily share relevant details and questions related to your publicity goals, projects, and questions. Our qualified team will take time to develop personalized guidance specific to your unique circumstances – not generic one-size-fits-all advice.

During the session, Meghan will meet with the brand, with the ultimate goal of giving you all the information necessary for successful PR outcomes. Following our time together, you’ll be offered a one-time invitation to our weekly office hours, for a 20-minute follow-up session to give you the opportunity for continual growth and feedback as you work towards reaching your desired results.

So what sort of things do our coaching clients request to cover?

–Real Wedding Submission Training

–Developing a Thought Leadership Platform

–Elevating your Speaking Career

–Developing a Thoughtful Media Strategy

–Pitching to Podcasts

–Creating Custom Media Pitches to National Publications

To review our availability and secure your session, please click here.