The OFD Team

Megan Acosta

Editorial Specialist

Megan Acosta began her wedding industry journey as the editor of Glamour & Grace, a wedding site for romantic vintage loving couples, for over 10 years. With a background in photography, Megan and Glamour & Grace has been known for beautifully curated content and inspiration. Over the years, she has been mentioned and featured in numerous websites, magazines, and books as an expert in trends and the wedding publishing world. Megan is a founding member of Aisle Society and Matchology, connecting couples and vendors through unique tech for inspiration and getting published. She has always had a passion for helping vendors become successful in their features in the online wedding world. Through various workshops, webinars, and consulting, Megan has shared her insider knowledge into how editors think and what they are really looking for. She brings a unique perspective to the table at the OFD Collective, submitting real weddings to gain marketing wins for clients.