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2020 International Wedding Trend Report – Now Live!

Photo: Gyan Gurung, Planning: For The Love of Weddings

Each year, The Wedding Academy brings together insight from wedding professionals across the world to compile the comprehensive International Wedding Trend Report and we are thrilled to share that the 2020 Report is now available for download.

In 2020, our clients shared extensive knowledge of this year’s trends — here’s a sneak peek at what some of them had to say.

Floral Design

Oleta Collins, Flourishing Art Design Studio:

“The time for long, daring bridal bouquets is here; cascades are back. Bridal cascades and cressets are emerging, although the free-form style of bouquets has been in for quite a few years. Florists have begun to get creative with the mechanics of this sort of styling, using draping greenery and accent flowers to elevate what will be showcased during the ceremony.”

Styling/Planning: The Stars Inside, Photo: Grace & Mitch

Joan Wyndrum, Blooms by the Box:

“When it comes to colors, we will see a move towards more muted color palettes that include beige, clay pink, green-gold, deep forest green, and a hint of grey. These shades work beautifully as neutrals, but with more of a moody hue that will undoubtedly make a statement. We will also continue to see berry and marsala colors be huge in the way of bold colors.”

Ashley Greer, Atelier Ashley Flowers:

“We will continue to see peach and burgundy tones with a move towards fuchsia and berry hues. Lavender will also come full circle and will be featured prominently in spring and fall designs. Color use, in general, will make a significant change as designers are distinguishing themselves as “Color Masters.” Which means they will work with 6- 7 tones to evoke a mood or feeling rather than just 1 to 2 colors.”


Photo/Concept/Production: The Brand Studio

Kristy Rice, Momental Designs:

“Crocheted details, unique knots, crochet-inspired patterns and textures. Simpler presentations, but elevated materials like leather and glass. Neon is still hot, but will indulge its more maximalist tendencies as we ring in the new year. Think neon + Rococo patterns and bountiful floral compositions.”

Food & Beverage

Meryl Snow, Feastivities Events:

“In 2020, we will see African-Caribbean, or Afro-Carib, cuisine take off. These dishes from the region are mainly comprised of seafood and flavorful cuts of meat. Items like yams, cassava, plantains, sweet potatoes cocoyam, coconut, lentils and rice contribute to the majority of this style of cuisine.”

Trip Wheeler, SB Value:

“Interestingly enough, there’s going to be an increase in snack-able buffet foods but with a twist. Rather than a couple of main offerings for the entrée, we’ll see mini version of fan-favorites – think fish tacos, stuffed egg rolls with dipping sauces, chicken or tofu strips, and more.”

Planner/Producer: Hatnem Wedding Planning, Photo: ThaiPham Photography

José Rolón, José Rolón Events:

“Without a doubt, 2020 will be the year of CBD. From make-your-own CBD cocktail stations to get the party started to edible parting gifts, this is one rising trend that’s becoming integrated into the wedding industry.”

Cakes and Sweets

Photo: Amanda Karen Photography

Anthony Cuellar, Wente Vineyards:

“A custom, signature flavor that was created by the wedding couple will take centerstage and pay homage to their personality. We will also see bright, vibrant flavors, particularly more passionfruit and guava, pistachio-cherry, pineapple and pink champagne.”


Kevin Dennis, Fantasy Sound Event Services:

“Nostalgia will continue to be an overriding theme, with most dance floors filled with guests reliving their ‘90s and early ‘00s high school days – think Spice Girls and N*SYNC. Technology has also impacted how we plan the music with couples. No longer are they sending us Excel spreadsheets with their top hits. Instead, they are pouring through music services and sending us their list of must-haves.”

Photo: Inta Photography, Planner: Bohemia Events

Michelle Loretta, Sage Wedding Pros:

“Consumers want to see everything going on with the planning of their wedding. And they want technology that will help guide them. I’m seeing more and more wedding pros using project management tools such as Aisle Planner, Basecamp, Asana, Tave, and so on. The easier it is for clients to access their wedding plans online, the better!”


Heather Rouffe, Atlas Event Rental:

“We are seeing velvet continue to gain popularity as well as floral prints. We recently purchased a printed velvet we know will be a hit with our 2020 couples. For more neutral palettes, natural, tightly woven linens are also a great choice, and we are seeing an expansion of color and prints in these fabrics.”

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Photo: Lefteris Kalampokas

Jen Avey, Destination Weddings Travel Group:

“When having a destination wedding, couples traditionally would stay at their wedding resort for their honeymoon. Now, with millennials wanting to see more, do more, explore more, they are opting to hop a plane to a nearby island and celebrate their newlywed days away from their family and friends who came to see them get hitched.”

Video Marketing

Brittny Drye, Love Inc. Magazine:

“People love to watch love stories, and wedding video content showcases a level of emotion that’s difficult to capture in photography, so it’s certainly rising in popularity as more couples opt for videography services. But that being said, still photography will always play a leading role when it comes to wedding inspiration –it’s really difficult to organize and share specific wedding ideas and inspiration from real weddings and styled shoots with video. But when it comes to travel- and DIY-focused content, video is king.”


Photo: Gyan Gurung,
Planner: For the Love of Weddings

Mike Busada, Mike B Photography:

“In order to reduce the time being in front of the camera on the wedding day, many couples are opting to add a post-wedding session to allow more time for them to be photographed together in a more relaxed fashion without time constraints. This usually happens within a day or two of the wedding, and this does mean that the couple will have to be dressed for pictures again. The resulting photos, however, can be both romantic and dramatic.”

Consumer Behavior

Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events Group:

“I have noticed that consumers want what they want; they’ll review the options and make a decision quickly and, if it’s worth it to them, they will go over what they had budgeted. A program that makes the onboarding process easy is a must. Ongoing education is also essential for all businesses, as it grows your talent, business operations, and what you can offer to your clients.”

There’s way more trends where this came from. For more expert insight into the top wedding trends in 2020, be sure to read the annual International Wedding Trend Report.