Award-winning speaker Meghan Ely has spent more than a decade traveling to conferences and workshops globally, educating the event industry on a variety of topics.

More recently, Meghan saw the need to launch WeddingIndustrySpeakers.com, a hub where conference organizers and association program and education chairs could go with the confidence that they could effortlessly build out their upcoming speaker season.


  • Make it Easy for Editors to Say Yes: Get Published More with Modern Media Strategies.
  • Are you Ready for the New Way of Doing Business in Weddings?
  • Navigating the Wedding Submission Boom
  • Social Proof: Understanding it, Earning it + Leveraging it in the Event Industry
  • Dazzle with Surprise & Delight in the Event Industry

OFD Consulting also oversees Wedding Industry Speakers, a collection of top-tier event speakers available for regional, national and global gatherings.


Alex Turzinski | Programs and Education Director for DFW NACE
Meryl Snow | SnowStorm Solutions