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Orange Wedding Tour: Korie Lynn Photography

In case you are just joining us, this past May I had a pleasure of attending the inaugural Orange Wedding Tour, an opportunity for wedding pros from across Virginia to enjoy all that Orange, Virginia, has to offer.

This week is my little ode to the trip through the eyes of some amazing Virginia photographers. On Monday, we saw the Tour through the eyes of Cramer Photo while on Tuesday, the floor was given to Don Mears Photography. Yesterday,  Holland Photo Arts was our featured photographer and now, we’re on to Korie Lynn Photography, based out of Fredericksburg.

Today, the name of the game is people. I’ve enjoyed showcasing some of the funny little details but the people were equally awesome (yes, even up against the bacon desserts!). You can see how much fun everyone was having throughout the two day adventure.

And of course, I include a photo of the Mayor. No big surprise that McBride Events would provide us with a celebrity. 🙂

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