The Special Event, Part Two

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts on yesterday’s post about the Wedding Event. Up next, it’s my sincere pleasure to share images from the Wedding Gallery.
The Wedding Gallery is by far, one of my favorite parts of The Special Event. I’ve never been bit by the design bug- I was too busy being bit by the Excel bug. 🙂 So the idea of a team coming together and literally pulling together a design out of thin air? Love it!

This year was a particular special Wedding Gallery for those of us who traveled from Richmond, as our friends from Mosaic and FloraCulture came together to create the most amazing of spaces. We actually stayed at the same property as the team and I can attest to the hours upon hours they spent prior prepping. Entering the gallery for the first time really felt like Christmas morning- how amazing to see friends and colleagues from our city represent on the national stage.

I will not speak much to the theme, simply as I could not do it justice but essentially two rooms were created based on the story of a wedding consisting of a groom from the South and a bride from the North. Having seen it up close (most spectacular even in person!), I can tell you that every inch of the gallery space had meaning. The attention to detail was simply phenomenal and I could probably gush on and on for another hour if you let me.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos from their space, courtesy of Meghan McSweeney Photography, who captured the process from start to finish:

We also received some lovely shots from Rebecca Bouck Photography:

Once again, a HUGE kudos to the amazing Mosaic team, as well as the always wonderful Al Brockwell with FloraCulture (did I mention Al stepped in as a panelist for our presentation at the last minute WHILE also producing all of this loveliness?).  I’d also like to give a shout out to Joe and Coleen with PaperFreckles, who lent their talents to the initial concept. I am lucky to be surrounded by such talented people!

Thanks for stopping by- more soon!

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