The New Art of Capturing Love: a Review

If you had asked me six months ago if I was prepared to speak on the emerging same-sex wedding market, my answer would have been a swift “yes,” as I silently patted myself on the back for making no differentiation between any and all engaged couples. Love is love, right?

Well, I then was introduced to the incomparable Kathryn Hamm of, who quickly became my virtual partner in crime as we collaborated on a three-part series on the very topic for Wedding Planner Magazine. Kathryn opened my eyes to the particulars of the LGBTQ community and it was clear I had quite a bit to learn.

So when Kathryn very kindly offered me the opportunity to review her new book The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography, I do believe I may have said yes before she finished asking the question. 🙂

Co-authored by award-winning wedding photographer Thea Dodds, The New Art of Capturing Love welcomes you warmly, like an old friend inviting you into their home. The tone from the onset is friendly, making even the most novice of wedding professionals comfortable.

The book promptly dives into the “Is it really so different?” conundrum, opening the readers’ eyes to the physical and cultural differences that may never occur to someone until they are in the midst of shooting their very first same-sex wedding.

From there, The New Art of Capturing Love walks you through the engagement session process, then gives careful attention to the wedding day itself.  Not so surprisingly, I was particularly drawn to the business of same-sex weddings, located in the appendix, which included a wealth of marketing and sales tips to assist the reader with everything from making a solid first impression, to successfully closing the deal with same-sex couples.

At first glance, this forward-thinking guide is geared towards wedding photographers, who will no doubt appreciate the tech specs that accompany each image, as well as the curated collection of inspirational and moving shots (180 to be exact!).  Very early on however, it was clear to me that The New Art of Capturing Love is a must-have for any wedding professional with a desire to understand same-sex couples, as well as better prepare them for providing wedding services to the LGBTQ community.

Anticipating the needs of your couples is integral to the success of any and all wedding professionals. This revolutionary book will empower you with the essentials to successfully navigate these new and exciting waters.

The New Art of Capturing Love will make its debut on May 6, but you can pre-order it now here.  I highly recommend you start your week off right, by adding it to your library.

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