Introducing- Where Will They Stay?

I thought we’d try a little something different on the blog today so we’re taking a break from our press mentions (we’ll be back on Thursday!) to share the exciting launch of our client’s new company Where Will They Stay.

But first- a story, because of course. 🙂 Prior to my life in wedding PR, I worked for a hotel and while I admittedly *still* couldn’t properly set a banquet table upon my departure (true story), I was fascinated by the room block industry. I’d been focused on linens and flowers and cakes for so many years, that it never quite hit me how imperative it was to have an organized room block for out of town wedding guests. This became even more evident as I attended weddings as a guest and quickly began to appreciate having that “to do” taken care of for me.

Fast forward a few years and I was in the midst of launching OFD while working part time for a local meeting planner.  I was able to learn the ins and outs of corporate room block negotiations from one of the best in our area, and throughout my time there, I couldn’t help but think of all of my wedding planner friends and colleagues who were missing out on offering this service to their clients.

Enter Where Will They Stay, who reached out to me this summer.  Long time corporate planners Amy and Melanie saw the very same need in the wedding industry. Through their accreditation and buying power, they can offer wedding planners and venues customized hotel room block options at a competitive rate. Better yet, the shared commission structure allows wedding pros to not only delegate the work but turn it into an alternative revenue stream for their business.

Commence happy dance. I literally had to hide my crazy, geeky enthusiasm for these ladies and their new endeavor just long enough for them to realize my unabashed fervor was simply the result of being a hospitality girl at heart.

So I decided to share a bit about Where Will They Stay because I know there are plenty of planners (and venues!) out there that love delegation almost as much as increasing the bottom line. 🙂 Check them out at!

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Meghan Ely

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