Guest Blog: Reality vs. Reality TV by Dr. Bride

Well, it’s a miracle- I’ve unpacked my bags and beat jet lag. I’m currently playing catch up after my Ireland adventures and am thrilled to have Kristina Smith aka Dr. Bride of Ask Dr Bride to guest blog for me today on Reality TV’s take on Brides and the Wedding Industry.

Take it away Kristina!

I think it’s safe to say not every bride is a bridezilla, but that’s not to say that every bride has at least the potential of having a bridezilla moment or two; and that’s ok we all have our bad days. While most brides cringe at the thought of being called a bridezilla, others seem to embrace it and downright own it, like the brides we see on the show Bridezillas. For some reason they see no problem with airing their dirty Mrs. So and So monogrammed laundry  on national TV for all the world to see.

If weddings weren’t dramatic enough, the network has found a way to capture the bride’s attention while making lot of money. The show has sensationalized bad bridal behavior, capitalizing on negative effects within the wedding industry, impressionable women who are easily influenced and destroying the reputation of the bride’s participation on the show. Although most wedding professionals don’t condone the show, many still watch, shamefully admitting it’s a guilty pleasure.

Anyone else noticed this? Eyes too busy glued to a screen somewhere? Is the show Bridezillas a realistic view of the average bride? No I hardly think so, but it does have an effect on today’s brides and future brides everywhere. It’s just not brides and wedding professionals watching, its young impressionable girls and why wouldn’t they? How old were you when you started dreaming about your wedding? I was 9 years old when I started playing ‘Wedding” with my Barbie’s.

While most reality TV presents a distorted view of real life, highlighting the emotional, scandalous and traumatic moments that occurred during taping. People, who believe this is a realistic way of life, can develop a distorted sense of reality, including bad examples of how to react to anger, frustration or disappointment in their own lives. Now throw in a wedding, this should making things even more concerning; this is the message are we sending to the next generation of brides.

Thank God my 15 year old daughter thinks the show Bridezillas is ridiculous and actually turns the channel whenever the advertisement comes on, she told me the other day that she promises never to act like the brides on TV; all I could say was…”Can you put that in writing?”

As Dr. Bride, Kristina brings her trademark enthusiasm and energy to help brides not only cope with emotional pitfalls but to give them the tools needed to survive the engagement. A natural comedian, Kristina is known for sharing her observations about the wedding planning process with a candid sense of humor, outspoken honesty and bluntness; that brides and wedding professionals find refreshing and motivating.

Inspired by a decade in the wedding industry, Dr. Bride is an authority on bride behavior offering advice to brides, their friends, family members and wedding professionals. As Dr. Bride Kristina can provide an honest perspective, unlike so many who enable the bride by not addressing the negative behaviors noting the “Bridezilla” mentality.

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