Anatomy of a Design Shoot: Ariana Style

Know who has better taste and style than me? Well, everybody. After all, I had a death star cake at my wedding. 🙂

So when Ariana came on board here at OFD Consulting over a year ago, I was thrilled to find someone who could be my style ambassador. During her time with us, Ariana has spent a great deal of time assisting with Inspiration Shoots and when she expressed an interest in diving more into this, I handed her my 8th Annual Holiday Cookie Box Social, which is exactly the way it sounds (more on how I named the party here– apparently this band share the same muse).

I challenged Ariana to take to my blog and share her thoughts along the way- from initial concept to shopping lists and actual production. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride as much as we are.

First up- the inspiration board, which I’ve always thought is an important component in order to conceptualize one’s vision. In this instance, Ariana used our beloved Photoshop to pitch me her original idea, and I loved it.

Enjoy! ~Meghan

We are busy around here at OFD, and not just because the Holidays are right around the corner. This year, we  are hard at work producing a Holiday Cookie Social Inspiration Shoot.

We got our creative juices flowing with the help of one of our favorite new obsessions that satisfies our love for all things pretty and DIY- Pinterest! Meghan confessed her love for the site a few weeks ago as you may remember. We were overwhelmed with the possibilities and admit it was a little hard to pick just one theme. Alas, we chose an icy winter wonderland with touches of a peacock blue, silver and a tad bit of green!

Enjoy our inspiration board below where we compiled the most swoon worthy images, and check back for more details as the Inspiration Shoot unfolds!

We hope you’re having just as much fun decorating for the holiday season as we are!

Ariana is the all around wedding pr guru of wedding marketing and wedding pr firm OFD Consulting.


Meghan Ely

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